Erotic story The erotic story: hot number in the rain

The erotic story: hot number in the rain

Lily and Tom have been a couple for a few months – they met at a party with friends and have been inseparable ever since. It was a little bit arranged, because it was of course no coincidence that the two singles were invited. But you friends had the right nose and said bluntly: “You are the perfect couple!”

Although Lily and Tom do not like clumsy dome games, they had to realize that they find each other not only attractive and attractive. In fact, they also go well together in other things: They love the same food, listen to the same music, are sporty. And they are passionate and keen to experiment in bed. Good sex is essential for both. So both have been floating on cloud nine for some time.

In the evening Liliys mother calls: “When will we finally meet your dream prince?” She asks her daughter on the phone. “Oh mom, you know Tom doesn’t have it with family,” Lily replies. “I do not care. We want to get to know him now, he will enjoy it with us. Or do you think we are not good parents-in-law? “Lily laughs:” Oh mom, we are not there yet. But you are right. I actually would also like you and dad to finally get to know him. I can do it! “” Wonderful, darling. Then Sunday will come over for lunch next week. Around 12:30? “” Yes, great, we can do it. Bye, mom – I love you. “” I love you too, darling – see you on Sunday! “Mother and daughter hung up. So it’s a deal. Now all Lily has to do is deliver the good news to Tom.

“Duuu, Tom – we’re invited to lunch with my parents next Sunday. It’ll be nice! ”“ Oh, must it be, Liliy? You know that this is going too fast for me! ”He replies. “Look dear, for my parents we have been together forever and they are beginning to feel that you have something against them. I would also like you to finally get to know each other. After all, I tell you about you regularly. ”Now she hugs him and puts her hand on his best piece. “As a reward, I’ll come up with something special.” “Ok, ok – we’ll do it – if that’s the case, then of course I’ll be happy to persuade you. I’ll get my reward, rely on it, ”he laughs softly and kisses Lily passionately.

It’s Sunday and Tom is standing in front of the mirror: “What should I wear?” “Don’t be too formal, jeans and shirt are perfectly ok,” Lily replies. “Well, I would have gone on strike if I had a tie!” “I know,” Lily says, rolling her eyes. “You’ll survive, Tom!” He mumbles something to himself, but Lily doesn’t care. “You, it looks pretty rainy,” she says. “That too!” Complains Tom. “Then we’d better take the boat than the bus!” Liliy doesn’t respond. Tom will be fine with his bad mood.

“If you don’t come right away, we’ll miss the bus!” Lily calls and stands impatiently at the door. “Come!” Tom calls and quickly closes the door. “How long is the trip around the world?” “A little over an hour and about 20 minutes waiting time because we have to change trains!” “Long live the weekend schedule!” Moaned Tom. “If you are not slowly peaceful, then I will drive without you. But don’t think I’m going to make up some nice excuse! ”Liliy is really bad now. “Excuse me, honey – I’m really really good now. I’m even a little looking forward to your parents, ”he smiles, disarmed. “Yes, yes, I can fool myself,” says Lily and has already let his charm wrap him around his finger. She just can’t be angry with him for long.

As soon as they are sitting on the bus, it starts to rain heavily outside. “Great, hopefully it will stop afterwards,” says Lily. Maybe I should have put something else on after all. “So I find you very sexy in your white dress,” replies Tom. “I just don’t know how your parents will find you when your dress is soaking wet and you can definitely see through everything!” “It won’t go that far, I have an umbrella with me!”

When the two reached the stop, the rain intensified. “Well, at least it’s warm,” says Tom. The stop will not be of much use to us as a shelter, because the rain comes in at an angle and you really can’t call it a roof here. ” “Yes, I can forget the umbrella too – I should have taken the big one with me!” Sighs Lily. In no time the two were soaking wet. And alone. “Are you sure there is another bus stopping here? We’re kind of fucked up here. ”“ Yeah, sure, ”says Lily. “But let’s pass the time a little. How about if you get your reward now? “

Tom looks down at Lily – the white dress sticks to her skin and you can see her underwear. As the raindrops shimmer on her skin and the wet hair lies close to her pretty face, he finds her just incredibly sexy and seductive. Therefore, he cannot be asked twice. “Here? Whatever good ideas you have, ”he says to Lily, takes her face in his hands and kisses her. “We have 15 minutes until the bus arrives,” she giggles. He kisses her again and immediately becomes passionate and demanding.

Lily quickly opens his belt and pants and puts her hand on his penis. She starts massaging his wand until it is big and plump. Tom groans. He pushes the straps of Lily’s dress behind his shoulder and the bra under her breasts. He passionately sucks and licks her nipples and Lily moans lustily. His hand slides into her column and explores her point of pleasure. Lily is now glowing with lust and pushes against her with her abdomen. Lily lifts one leg up so that Tom can pull her panties aside and enter her with his big, stiff body. Tom thrusts her a few times and then lifts her up. Lily wraps her legs around his waist – coordinated with each other, the two sway to the beat in a lusty ride. Lily slams into the wall of the stop at Tom’s violent bumps, but that doesn’t bother her.

She notices how her pleasure center swells and that she will soon be ready. She clings her arms tighter around Tom’s neck – her breasts are at his head level and she offers them to him like on a tray. He sucks on her nipples and pushes her more and more violently. “I’m coming,” Tom moans now. “Right away, right …!” Lily replies. Tom’s loins twitch as he comes deep inside her. Then he moves back and forth again. That’s enough to give Lily the rest now. She cries out happily and clings to him. He is still in her and presses against her so that she can still feel him well. They kiss passionately before they separate.

Tom closes his pants, Lily adjusts her underwear and dress. “You really didn’t promise too much – that was incredible with you. But you look like a wet cat. What do your parents say? ”He looks down at her and looks at her with a gentle, loving look. Lily smiles and says: “Never mind, I love you!” “Look, the bus is even coming on time,” laughs Lily. On the way to their parents, they show their infatuation and kiss each other tenderly. Tom shoves his hand between her thighs and whispers: “Tonight I want a lookup!”

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