Erotic story Erotic story: Hot duet on the piano

Erotic story: Hot duet on the piano

His fingers quickly slide over the keys. He has really nice, well-groomed hands. The melody he creates creates a pleasant shiver on my skin. I dream of what else he can do with these clever hands. “Now let’s try it together,” he breathes in a sonorous voice and brings me back from my daydream. Somewhat tentatively, I also put my hands on the piano keys and somehow find my use in our duet. Again and again our arms touch very lightly. Touches that trigger tiny electric shocks in me. I wonder if he is the same.

“His mischievous smile is driving me crazy”

Joshua has been coming to my house every week for two months now, giving me private piano lessons. I had already taken lessons in my youth, but later I simply couldn’t find any time to sit down at the piano because of my job and everyday stress. That should change now. I had been playing with Gadanken for a long time, taking lessons again and refreshing my knowledge. When I discovered the advertisement for private piano lessons on the Internet, I had no idea what to expect. After a short correspondence by email, we were scheduled for a Wednesday evening. I was already slightly excited. It felt a bit like a blind date, after all, we had never seen each other before. What if we don’t like each other? Hopefully I won’t disgrace myself with my dusty piano skills. But all my doubts were wiped away when a tall, slim man with slightly tousled blond hair stood at my door on a rainy summer evening at 7pm. His mischievous smile had driven me crazy the first time we met. And even after eight more lessons, it does not fail to have an impact.

“It pulsed between my thighs”

Luckily we are sitting on the piano stool, my soft knees could not have held me any longer. There is not much space for two on the stool, so that our hips also touch. While I’m still in the seventh heaven of scores, I feel the warmth of Joshua’s right hand on my thigh through my light, floral summer dress. Goose bumps cover my entire body. “Go on,” he breathes in a rough voice, kissing my neck and neck gently. Very gently walking his skillful fingers up little by little. I feel hot and cold alternately. I feel it pulsate between my thighs. It is difficult for me to concentrate on the notes in front of me. Joshua has stopped playing and prefers to explore my body. When his hand pushes my panties a little more researched and begins to circle my clit, my body trembles with pleasure. I want to feel it – everywhere. A lustful sigh escapes me. Enough for Joshua. He gets up, skilfully pulls me around by his legs so that I sit across the stool with my legs open. He quickly brushes down my panties and begins to explore the inside of my thighs with his mouth. Lust burns between my legs.

“He sets the rhythm”

I’m getting impatient. When the beautiful piano teacher finally reaches my wet column with his lips, my body trembles with pleasure. Just before I come, I hastily open his jeans. His excitement cannot be overlooked. I wrap his body around my legs as he enters me. His hands slide over my breasts, my hips. Like our duet on the piano, he sets the rhythm until we reach the climax, panting. It shouldn’t be our only game for two.

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