Erotic story Erotic story: “At dawn”

Erotic story: “At dawn”

She woke up at dawn and lounged comfortably in the still warm bed. Feeling that he was no longer there, she wondered where he had gone. Yawning, she stretched and then swung her legs out of the high bed. Her bare feet touched the cold stone floor and she shivered a little. She reached for his shirt in the half-light – why was it here and he was gone? – and brushed it over her bare skin. Then she went over to the window and pushed the heavy curtain aside. The sun rose just behind the hill in front of the castle and bathed the landscape in a shimmering soft light. She leaned against the window frame and looked dreamily out across the moor …

Out of the shadows, he watched her slowly wake up. He had been awake for a few minutes and had sneaked out of bed to avoid waking her. He watched her sleepily lounging in bed and slowly crawling out of bed. When she stood at the window and opened the curtains, he blinked briefly against the incoming light. After his eyes got used to it, she still stood with her back to him at the window and looked out. The sun’s rays penetrated the fabric of the shirt, so that from his place he could see her body looming almost undisguised against the morning sky. She looked almost like an angel, bathed in unearthly light.

His eyes wandered fascinated over their curves.

He got up quietly and crept over to her. She didn’t seem to have noticed him when he was so close that he could smell the seductive scent of her body.

He felt the shiver that ran through her body as he gently brushed her dark curls aside and his lips caressed her neck. Then his lips ran gently over the delicate skin on the neck. She felt the shudder of her body repeat itself as he put his free hand caressing her stomach. She felt the warmth that came from it and enjoyed it as his hand crawled up slowly. With a sigh, she leaned against his chest and closed her eyes trustingly.

She murmured barely audible incomprehensible words and nestled her body against his. She gently ran her hand back and forth along her body, so that she could stroke his thigh. She felt his soft skin under her fingertips, continued to pull back until she reached his bottom. She squeezed it gently and then ran her fingernails over the skin. She felt his hot breath gasp slightly against her slender neck.

Her gentle hands caressed his bottom as she nestled her warm body against his. He playfully circled her navel with one finger before slowly stroking her hips. His fingertips only touched the curves of her breasts and purposefully sought her way up. Slowly he slipped the shirt over her shoulders, stroked the fabric over her arms, until the garment fell to the floor unnoticed. Nothing separated them from each other now. Everyone felt the partner’s skin, which made them shiver despite the warmth. Her hands were closed. A pleasant sigh came from her lips as he continued to breathe gentle kisses on the sensitive skin of the crook of her neck and let her gently feel his teeth now and then.

He willingly let his hands go from her. Over her hips, along her sides, until her breasts finally nestled in his hands. Her buds bloomed under the gentle touch and pressed cheekily between his fingers. In the meantime, his lips had found their way to her ear and nibbled at her earlobe again and again, between the familiar tenderness that he whispered to her. Sighing softly, she enjoyed his caresses. Aroused goose bumps spread across her skin and was immediately caressed by his gentle hands. She felt her whole body feel electrified and she yearned with every fiber that he would not stop petting her. He gently kneaded her breasts, which elicited more than a pleasant sigh. When he finally released his hand from her breast and stroked it down her body, she could no longer stand the tension. Very slowly she turned in his arm around her own axis, so that his hands ran from her belly over her sides, her back and her hips to her bottom. She put her arms around him, tenderly scratched the back of his neck and caressed his shoulders, while he was still lovingly nibbling on her earlobe. She put her head on one side and ran her hand down to his spine, gently stroking her hand, tenderly feeling each vertebra. With the other hand she ran into his hair and ruffled it with passion. She pressed her body against his and felt his skin clearly.

All her senses only seemed to perceive him. She closed her hand around his buttocks and squeezed it gently as she approached his face with her lips. The free hand had loosened from his hair and now lovingly traced the contours of his face – then stroked his lips gently. He kissed her fingertips devotedly as she rubbed his leg against his. Finally, she shoved her hand back to his neck and pulled him towards him to run his lips lightly. Finally, their two mouths met for a sensual kiss.

He kissed her full, warm lips very gently, then brushed them with the tip of his tongue. With a soft sigh, she returned the kisses. His tongue searched for a way past the teeth into the hot and humid cave. There her tongue was waiting for his and they began to play around in a slight circle. She had wrapped her arms around his neck and was stroking his neck. He hugged her tightly and pulled her close so he could feel her full breasts on his skin. They were simply irresistibly beautiful, round, taut, with cute little bumps that were now pressed firmly against his chest. He felt her sensual body soften, how she devotedly hugged him. She wrapped one leg around his pelvis and pulled him close to feel his throbbing member on her venus mound. He almost went mad, so excited about the situation. Even the thought of a servant coming in at any moment to wake them up increased his arousal.

His lips trailed over her ivory skin as he slowly slid down her body. He leaned down to her and buried his mouth between her breasts. She leaned her head back with pleasure and seductively stretched out her breasts. When his slightly open mouth approached her sweet cherries, he greedily licked his lips. Finally she felt his hot mouth on her buds. He heard her take a deep breath as he cheekily nibbled and sucked on it. His hands explored her body. He let her slide over her sides and finally gently caress her bottom, when she moaned softly.

Breathing heavily, she surrendered to his caresses. Lasciviously she nestled her supple body against his and felt his lust, which seemed to be as big as hers. Even as she carefully explored his body millimeter by millimeter with her hands, she heard the sound of the door opening. Both heads flew around and saw the valet Gerard standing in the door with a jug of water.

“Thank you, Gerard, we don’t need his services if he moves away,” he said in a firm command-accustomed voice.

“Oui, monsieur.” Gerard put the jug of water on the vanity and then walked toward the door.

“Oh, Gerard?”

“Oui, monsieur?”

“If he hangs on his head, he will make sure that we are not disturbed again.”

“Very well, monsieur.” The valet now completely withdrew and he turned back to the woman, who now pressed against him almost anxiously.

With a loving smile, he looked down at her and gently stroked her hair. As he continued to stroke his cheek and neck down to her chest, he felt her heartbeat, which was racing because of the sudden interruption. She trembled a little, but her open, red lips, which she gently, almost sensuously, licked her tongue, revealed that she was still aroused.

Now it was time to send his hands back on a journey of discovery. While one hand was still pampering her chest, the other was slowly sliding down from her chest, stroking her belly, sliding down over the navel. But she wasn’t idle either. Her hands stroked his sides, massaging his loins. With skilful fingers, she stroked his best friend. His fingers had moved even deeper now, just reaching their middle while she was holding the pulsating shaft and caressing it gently and spoiling it. He trembled under the tender touch and reached her innermost. His fingertips ran gently over them, running along and stroking them. Then they gently pressed against it and slid between them. He carefully massaged her love zone with one finger, felt how her Venus reacted. She sighed as his thumb brushed her clit gently. Her trembling, warm breath brushed his face as he caressed her neck again with his lips. She felt his tenderly demanding hands and also clearly felt her excitement. She didn’t spare to give back all the tenderness that he gave her. She gently massaged his shaft, wrapped her fingers around the edge of the tip and took the other hand to caress his crown jewels too.

She rubbed her leg on his hip, pressed her body glowing with passion and felt his restless breath, his pounding heartbeat, which was in no way inferior to hers. She felt her excitement increase as he increased the pressure of his thumb on her pearl a little.

Her excited breath brushed the skin on his neck and her lips, which felt dry, stroked it gently. Breathless, she wet her mouth with the tip of her tongue and then leaned down a little more to play around his nipple with her tongue and finally to pamper her passionately.

He felt her warm hands on her bare skin, which almost drove him crazy. Her fingertips ran gently along his shaft before she gripped the top and rubbed the tip against her soft skin. His fingers gently circled her clit, which elicited a slight throaty sigh from the woman. His fingers kept getting lost in their pubes to use the source of their juice again. Her lips on his skin caused small twitches that ran like electricity through his body.

Slowly she deprived her of the most sacred, while her lips kissed more and more intensely. Her mouth passed kissing tenderly over his chest to his belly, while her hands stroked his loins. Her tongue wrapped around his belly button and she began to nibble on it gently. She let her hands wander around on his body and ran a finger gently down between his buttocks, which he acknowledged with a murmur. She stuck her tongue into his navel and his quiet murmur became an excited breath. Then, slowly, she let her kissing lips slide down, until finally, with a wet kiss on the tip, she elicited another pleasant sigh.

Almost carelessly, he stroked her shoulders, shoved his hands into her rumpled hair. She ran the tip of her tongue around the edge of his tip and finally put her lips over it.

With pleasure she let her lips slide along his best piece again and again and his excitement encouraged her to continue.

He sighed with desire. She cheekily nibbled on him. The tip of her tongue circled his most sensitive area, while her hands slowly massaged his bottom. She massaged his lips with desire. His hip slowly rocked with her rhythm. The fingertips gently caressed her neck and shoulders. His whole body vibrated with pleasure, which made her suck even more devotedly on the object of her desire. He enjoyed feeling her warm lips for a while before pulling her back into his arms and closing her lips with his. He pushed her excitedly onto the bed. Sensually, she let herself slide onto the rumpled sheets and continued to entice him with a seductive smile. He gently stroked her thighs and looked at her exciting body.

Lasciviously she spread her legs a little further and gave him a look at her slightly opened pubic. Smiling, he sat down on the bed with her and gently stroked her thighs. Then he caressed her delicate feet and sucked on her toes. Her skin was so tender and fine, he kissed her beautiful body again and again and started up again with slow movements. She stroked her breasts with one hand and rubbed his hair with the other, her eyes had closed with pleasure.

There was a strange murmur from her mouth, which he didn’t understand, but which he didn’t have to understand either. It was the sound of a satisfied woman enjoying being pampered. His fingers ran through her silky pubes and gently parted them. With the tip of his tongue he began to carefully scan the edges of the tongue and then suddenly plunge his whole tongue deep inside. His tongue fluttered slowly up to her pearl. He felt excited as it swelled between his lips as she rubbed him lustily. Her hips rose up to him demandingly … Then his hand encircled the wooden phallus that had been lying untouched between the sheets since their last uninhibited hours.

He gently ran the toy over her belly to her thighs. Slowly he pushed the pleasure charm up and down. Sighing softly with her eyes closed, she enjoyed the tender but firm caress. Finally, he placed the tip of the phallus on her shell. She clawed her hands in the sheet and sighed softly when she felt deeply how it irritated her. He enjoyed her sight and continued to slowly and tenderly irritate her with the toy until she finally breathlessly asked to feel it. Almost carelessly, he put the art phallus aside and kissed her on the Venus hill first, then moved his mouth upward. He kissed slowly over her body. Let her fidget for a while while his lips brushed against her stomach. Up to the chest, where he gently sucked on them and nibbled on his teeth.

His pleasure stick touched her shame. She sighed briefly as he pressed harder against her Venus and slowly dipped into it. She opened up to him and their encounter was pleasantly tender. He went very, very slowly, inch by inch and retreated again and again. He knew that the slow movements were the most enjoyable. So he could feel her millimeter by millimeter and feel how she closed around him. Picked it up and merged with it.

His mouth played around her breasts. They kissed for a long time, while he pulled himself almost completely out of her, only to dive back into her again soon after, slowly savoring every inch. She tried to get him to adjust to her rhythm with faster pelvic movements, and he slowly gave in to her urge. The sweet agony he gave her spurred her lust even further. Her whole body was electrified and every little touch made her shiver down the skin. She gripped his shoulders and caressed him. The only thing left was a desire to give him back some of the bliss he gave her. She raised and lowered her hips and gently circled the pelvis. Sighing and completely caught in her lust, she tensed the pelvic muscles and massaged his best piece on his way to the inside. He let out her buds and a sigh escaped his throat. She looked at him and enjoyed the sight he offered her. His face, contorted with lust and covered with fine sweat, like the rest of his body, which was still moving in an exciting way. After a few more deep, lustful movements, she felt the long-awaited tension build up in her body and the muscles began to contract …

Panting violently, he sank down on her, his heart racing like hers. They both had their eyes closed and enjoyed these moments of absolute fulfillment. Her breathing slowed slowly and her heart beat faster again when she opened her eyes and looked at him. Full of love and affection, she stroked his hair and face. She traced the contours of his face with her fingertips and kissed his forehead. He also opened his eyes briefly to look at her. Then he kissed her and slid off her. She immediately huddled her heated body against his and enjoyed the close proximity to him. With a smile, he pulled the blanket over her body and kissed her lips again before they both closed their eyes and snuggled together exhausted.

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