Erotic story Erotic short story: coincidences and consequences

Erotic short story: coincidences and consequences

A man who doesn’t take loyalty so strictly, a woman who is looking for revenge and a chance meeting at a hen night – in “coincidences and consequences” it becomes both dramatic and erotic …

Kira’s heart almost stopped when she recognized Kai. Ironically! She quickly pulled herself together, trying not to show anything. With a smile, she stepped up to her colleague, who she noticed at that moment.

“Kira! Nice that you came. This is Kai, my future. Kai – this is Kira, my new colleague. The others are sitting somewhere back there… ”

She pointed to the left.

Kira felt that Carmen was upset, she spoke far too quickly; on such a day it was understandable. Kira nodded briefly in Kai’s direction before turning back to Carmen. She saw from the expression on his face that he too was completely confused to see her here. Had she known that beforehand, she would not have come …

Kai had been her fiance three years ago. She loved him so much … and then he cheated on her. He had jumped into bed with her best friend while she was planning the wedding. When she got it out by a stupid accident, she’d lost two people at once. The wedding was canceled, Kira buried herself in work. She had had a few brief affairs since then, but the right one had never been there. And now this!

She had only worked for the large travel agency in which Carmen also worked for a month. She got on well with everyone, she liked the working atmosphere. Carmen was actually the least of her cases, but it was always enough for a harmonious collaboration. And she had been genuinely happy when she, along with all of her other colleagues, was invited to Carmen’s stag night – even though her weddings had been disgusting since then.

Well, but that wasn’t Carmen’s fault and she had decided to show up for at least two hours. Anything else would have been rude. And now … now it was Kai who was supposed to get married in two days. Your quay. Kai, the biggest pig on this earth! Kira felt the old rage she thought she had overcome boiling up again. No, she still wasn’t through with him. What he had done to her then was the worst thing she had ever experienced. She had even bought her wedding dress.

Kira considered. It hadn’t been that long between Kai and her best friend at the time. She had noticed that. Then he moved. However, if she could believe her colleague’s enthusiasm, she and Kai had been together for two years and as happy as on the first day. Kira watched the man out of the corner of her eye, pretending to look around for the others from the travel agency, the only one she knew at the party here.

He looked nice. She hated to admit it, but Kai actually seemed quite content – apart from the shock she had just been given by her appearance. His dark hair had got a few gray speckles, it made him look a little more serious … Stop it! Kira was horrified to see that she was still attracted to him. The memories crept into her head almost automatically, memories of having sex with Kai, which was always so incredibly beautiful. And now it was Carmen who could feel his body. Carmen would soon experience the wedding night she had painted with Kai so often. They wanted to rent a luxury suite in a hotel, to be pampered with champagne and rose petals in the bath water. Kira quickly pushed this thought aside and instead greeted her colleagues, who responded to their greetings with loud, boisterous shouts.

The evening was actually nice. There were an incredible number of guests, the music was great, there was a delicious hearty meal with Kassler roast, coleslaw and fried potatoes. Kira actually loved such home cooking when delivered by a butcher, but she had lost her appetite. Again and again her eyes slid to the bridal couple, who went from table to table together, laughed, joked and exchanged looks in love all the time. Kai only avoided her table, she didn’t miss it.

On the one hand, she could hardly blame him – on the other hand, she was eager to speak to him. It also hurt her that he ignored her. Was he really that happy with Carmen? Why had he cheated on her then? Last minute panic? Or had he just played his love for her? Kira pondered when Svenja suddenly jabbed her elbow in the ribs.

“Ey, dreamer, did you hear that? Carmen is just saying that Kai rented a suite for the wedding night. That’s something, isn’t it? Very noble with champagne… hach, I also want a man to carry me on hands! ”Svenja said that with a smile. Everyone knew that she meant it ironically because her marriage seemed very happy. Even without champagne.

For Kira, this information was the drop that made her barrel overflow. She apologized apically and stood up. The other women’s eyes followed her in amazement. That bastard! Kira rushed out of the hall looking for Kai …

When she found him, he was just stepping out of the men’s room downstairs. Fortunately, they were alone at the moment when Kira slipped her hand. Gossip!

“You lousy piece,” she hissed. Kai stared at her in shock; it was clear to see that he would rather have avoided this encounter.

“Kira …” She struggled to regain control, breathing in and out a few times as she looked into her ex-fiance’s face. In the damn attractive face, as she remarked again. And suddenly she knew what she was going to do …

“Sorry!” She said with a hint of contrition. “I just just found out … oh, it doesn’t matter.” She turned away, played sadly. “I wish you all the best for the future.”

Kai was so relieved that the anticipated huge scene failed to appear, that he too made a conciliatory tone.

“No problem, I can imagine that it’s not that easy for you. If I had known … “What then?” Asked Kira in her thoughts and added silently: Then you would not have been interested, as then.

However, she said aloud: “It’s not your fault. I was just so perplexed to see you, and I’m just … well, jealous? With us it was over so quickly. ”She smiled shyly up at him. “It’s not so easy to see you next to another woman now; it wasn’t already then. ”She felt that it worked. Kai was flattered. Had her friend caught him so easily then?

He raised his hand and put it on her arm.

“Yes, it was stupid, Kira. I am sorry, too.”

She cried out inwardly. He was sorry too? She felt nothing at all … He had cheated, cheated on her. It wasn’t like something just went wrong – oops, went stupid. She didn’t let her thoughts show when she replied softly, “Are you happy now? Is Carmen the right one? “

He hesitated briefly. The subject was probably too hot for him, he didn’t want to risk another outburst of anger on your part.

“I think of us often, you know … especially our nights …”

Kira became more offensive. Under no circumstances should he end the call now. As she watched his mine game, she saw that she was pushing the right buttons. Sex with him had been really unique. Unfortunately, at the time, it hadn’t been enough for him. Kai liked variety. And from time to time Kai loved it spontaneously and hard, she remembered that well. Did Carmen know that too?

“Do you remember at your parents’ silver wedding? We almost got caught. ”She giggled.

Kai’s eyes slid across her body, but Kira pretended not to notice. However, she was very happy to have chosen the short black skirt and high boots this evening. Actually, it had been more of a practical consideration since the boots had no particularly high heels and were quite comfortable in themselves. – In this outfit she also had legs up to the sky and if a man went crazy with short skirts, it was Kai.

Lost in thought, she took a step closer.

“It has never been like the two of us, Kai.”

She saw him jerk himself.

“Kira,” he said hoarsely. “I’ll get married in two days … I love Carmen, but I never forgot you, you know? The sex with you was so great … “

Bastard! You never forgot sex with me, but you did the rest … Something tore inside her. She felt the rage blaze through her veins like fire.

But with a last bit of self-control she put her arms around his neck and stood on tiptoe. As seductively as possible, she asked:

“One last time, Sweety?” At that time she had often called him that in jest – it slipped out almost automatically. Kai gave a small sigh before pulling her into his arms and kissing her.

Kira felt his soft tongue that made its way into her mouth. He almost lifted her off his feet, he pressed her so tightly against him. Something bulged in his pants, he got an erection.

Kira breathed away from him, looked around.

“There?” She pointed to a door. Kai nodded and pulled her with him; they were lucky, the handle could be pushed down, the small storage room was not locked. They turned on the light, looked around for a moment … No sooner had Kira turned his head than he kissed her again. Hungry, ruthless. And again she was caught by a wave of pleasure that she had not felt in ages …

Kai’s hands seemed to be everywhere. He pushed up her skirt, kneaded her bottom. Kira moaned softly in his mouth as his fingers found their way between her thighs and caressed them through the thin fabric of panties and pantyhose. When she reached for his belt, she felt that his erection was almost blowing up his pants. Quick and hard, as he loves it, she thought before reaching unerringly into his panties and freeing the still so familiar penis from his prison. And it wasn’t just him who enjoyed this situation. Kira’s entire abdomen seemed to be on fire, wetness spreading between her shame. She wanted him right away.

And as if he had read her thoughts, he pushed her against the table in her back, turned her around and pulled off her panties and stockings.

“You’re so hot!” He gasped as he put a hand on Kira’s back and pressed her to the side table, which was probably not needed that evening. Kira obeyed without saying a word, stood on tiptoe, pressed the other side against him. Her skirt was like a wide belt around her waist, her panties hanging at knee bound her legs. It was hot, it burned …

Kai gave her something that no one else had given her. He knew the right buttons. Kira longed to be completely taken over by him. At that moment she thought of nothing else.

She felt his hands on her hips as he pressed against her. Kira held her breath – Kai had only briefly tested her wetness, stroking her goblet with his silky tip. Then he jerked into her. Both groaned.

“I missed it so much,” Kira heard herself say, and she knew it was the truth. She had missed it. When Kai started moving steadily and quickly in her, she stopped thinking. He dived deep into it, as deep as possible. Their bodies slapped against each other. Kira held on to the edge of the table, trying to press herself against him. The friction inside her catapulted her into unexpected heights of excitement. Kai’s crown jewels touched their protruding clit, additionally stimulating them. Kira gasped. It felt so good, really … Kai hit exactly the point in her lap that made her glow. She put her forehead on her forearm, trying to suppress the sounds that came out of her mouth almost automatically. She couldn’t scream the whole basement down here …

“Oh yes, oh yes … that’s good, honey!” Kai sounded so familiar. Kira heard his words as if through a fog, it was almost like a journey through time; it was really the storeroom at his parents’ silver wedding. Kira dropped. And she was already feeling the climax she was inevitably heading for.

When she came, the world seemed to shake. Sparks danced before her eyes, the fire in her lap spread rapidly through her entire body. She trembled, whimpered. It hadn’t come so violently for a long time. And while Kai picked up the pace one last time before he was overwhelmed by his orgasm, Kira regained consciousness and felt very consciously how her ex was pressing against her …

Tears streamed from Kira’s eyes as she got dressed again and straightened up makeshiftly. But she felt more free than ever. So that was it, the last time. Kai one last time before she could finally let him go – and would start looking for a man who really deserved her.

Kai was alarmed to see the dark trail that the makeup made across her cheeks. “Are you all right, honey?” He tried to hug her, but Kira refused.

“Everything’s fine, I’m just a little worn out.”

He grinned. “That was really … wow! Really, such a coincidence that we will see each other again. This would never work with Carmen … “

The second he said it, he felt that it might not have been wise to bring the subject to his bride. But Kira smiled, though what she might do might cost her job.

“Kai, I don’t think you have to worry about that anymore. I think I’ll just go to her and tell her a little bit about you. Your ideas of loyalty and so on … and maybe also about storage rooms … “

Kira relieved to see the panic in Kai’s eyes. Although she was a little sorry to send her colleague through the same hell that she knew so well, in the end only one thing counted. “We both don’t want Carmen to be unhappy, do we? And God knows she didn’t deserve such an unfaithful idiot like you … “

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